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Sharp Microwave Turntable Support / Roller Wheels # B025


  • Manufactured by: Sharp

Replacement roller wheel / turntable support for Sharp microwave ovens.

The roller wheel assembly sits underneath the microwave glass tray and is necessary for the turntable plate to turn.

This turntable support replaces Sharp part #'s:


This roller assembly is used in the following Sharp microwave oven models...

  • R1200, R1201, R1210, R1211, R1380,
  • R1405, R1406, R1480, R1481, R1482,
  • R1490, R1491, R1492, R1500, R1501
  • R1502, R1505, R1506, R1510, R1511
  • R1514, R1600, R1601, R1602, R1610
  • R1611, R1612, R1750, R1751, R1752, R1754
  • R401CW, R401CWL, R401FK, R401FW, R402FW
  • R402FW, R403HW, R404FK, R405BK, R405CK
  • R405DK, R405HK, R405HW, R408AW, R408CW
  • R408DW, R408EW, R408HS, R408JW, R409AK, R409CK,
  • R409EW, R409HK, R410AK, R410AW, R410BK
  • R410BW, R410CK, R410CW, R410DK, R410DW
  • R410EK, R410EW, R410FK, R410FW, R412AK,
  • R415EW, R419CK, R420AK, R420AW, R420BK
  • R420BW, R420CK, R420CW, R420DK, R420DW
  • R420EK, R425EW, R426HK, R426HS, R426HW
  • R430AD, R430AK, R430AW, R430BD, R430BK
  • R430BW, R430CD, R430CK, R430CS, R430DK
  • R430DQ, R430DW, R430EK, R430EW, R440DK
  • R440DW, R490AK, R490AW, R4A38, R4A47
  • R4A48, R4A57, R4A58, R4A77, R4A78
  • R4A78B, R4A87, R4A88, R4A97, R4A98
  • R4H07, R4H17, R4H88, R4W38, R501CK
  • R509BK, R509FW, R510AK, R510AW, R510BK, R510BW
  • R510CK, R510CW, R510DK, R510DW, R510EK
  • R510EW, R510FK, R510FW, R510HK, R510HW
  • R515EK, R519CK, R519EW, R520DK, R520DW
  • R530AK, R530AW, R530BK, R530BS, R530BW
  • R530CK, R530CW, R530DK, R530DW, R530EK
  • R530ES, R501CW, R508AK, R508CK, R508DK,
  • R508FS, R530EW, R540DK, R540DW, R590BK, R590BW
Shipping: Normally leaves our warehouse within 3-5 business days.
Item: Sharp Microwave Oven Roller Wheel / Turntable Support Assembly # B024
Part No: FROLPB024WRK0

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