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Sharp Microwave Roller Wheel / Turntable Support # A101


  • Manufactured by: Sharp

Replacement roller wheel / turntable support assembly for Sharp Microwave ovens.

Molded plastic ring and roller wheels fits underneath microwave oven turntable plate / tray.

This roller ring replaces Sharp part # FROLPA101WRKZ.

This turntable support is compatible with the following Sharp Microwave Oven models...

  • R190HK, R190HW, R120DW
  • R200BK, R203BW
  • R201FK, R201FW
  • R202EK, R202EW
  • R203EW, R203FW, R203HW
  • R204CW, R206FW
  • R209AK, R209AW, R209BK, R209HK, R209KK
  • R210AK
  • R214FW, R215EW
  • R216FS, R216LS
  • R220AW, R220BW, R220FW, R220HW, R220KW
  • R230AK, R230AW, R230BK, R230BW
  • R230HK, R230HW, R230KK, R230KW
  • R2A12, R2A43, R2A47, R2A48
  • R2A52, R2A52A, R2A82, R2A82A, R2F52
  • R2M52, R2M57, R2M58, R2W38
  • R305HD, R305HK, R305HW, R305KS, R305MR
  • R306LK, R306LW
  • R308HK, R308HW, R308JK, R308JS
  • R308JSF, R308JW, R308JWF
  • R308KK, R308KW, R308NW, R309JW
  • R310HK, R310HW, R310JK, R310JW
  • R315JS
  • R320HQF, R320HK, R320HQ, R320HW
  • R120, R120DG, R120DR
  • R140DB, R140D-G, R210A, R210D, R210H, R221K,
  • R2221K, R230H, R231J, R231H
  • R240C, R240D, R240E, R2S56
  • R2S58, R2V54, R2V58, R290HS
  • R330H, 330JS, R330JW, R340H, R350H, R350J, R350LS, R350LW
  • R380H, R397JS, R398K
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    Item: Sharp Microwave Roller Wheel / Turntable Support # A101
    Part No: FROLPA101WRKZ

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