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Panasonic Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray # F06014M00AP


  • Manufactured by: Panasonic

Glass turntable plate / tray for larger model Panasonic microwave ovens.

Measures approximately 16 1/2 inches in overall diameter. Outside diameter of turntable track is 10 7/8 inches.

This microwave tray replaces Panasonic part # 's

  • A06014M00AP
  • F06014M00AP

This microwave plate tray fits all series of the following Panasonic models...

  • NN959BLT, NN959BMX, NN959WLT, NN959WMX
  • NNH914BF, NNH914WF, NNH924BF, NNH924BFW
  • NNH924WF, NNH924WFW, NNH934BF, NNH934WF
  • NNH935BF, NNH935WF, NNH944BF, NNH944BFW
  • NNH944WF, NNH944WFW, NNH964BF, NNH964WF
  • NNH965BF, NNH965WF, NNH965WFB, NNH965WFX, NNL930BA
  • NNL931BF, NNL931WF, NNL939BA, NNL939WA
  • NNP994BF, NNP994SF, NNP994SFR, NNP994WF
  • NNS924BF, NNS924BFW, NNS924WF, NNS924WFW
  • NNS932BF, NNS932WF, NNS933BF, NNS933WF
  • NNS934BF, NNS934WF, NNS935BF, NNS935WF
  • NNS942BF, NNS942WF, NNS943BF, NNS943WF
  • NNS944BF, NNS944BFW, NNS944WF, NNS944WFW
  • NNS949BA, NNS949BAS, NNS950BA, NNS950BAF
  • NNS951BF, NNS951WF, NNS952BF, NNS952WF
  • NNS953BF, NNS953WF, NNS954BF, NNS954WF
  • NNS955BF, NNS955WF, NNS960BA, NNS960BAS
  • NNS960WA, NNS960WAS, NNS961BF, NNS961WF
  • NNS962BF, NNS962WF, NNS963BF, NNS963WF
  • NNS969BA, NNS969BAS, NNS969WA, NNS969WAS
  • NNS980BA, NNS980BAS, NNS980WA, NNS980WAS
  • NNS989BA, NNS989BAS, NNS989WA, NNS989WAS
  • NNSD945S, NNSD962S, NNSD972S
  • NNSD967, NNSD967S, NNSD978S, NNSD986S
  • NNSD987S, NNSD987SB, NNSD997, NNSD997S, NNSN942W
  • NNSN960S, NNSN966S, NNSN933W ,NNSN936B, NNSN968B, NNSN968BT
  • NNSN973S, NNSN975S, NNSN977S, NNT900SA
  • NNT935SF, NNT945SF, NNT945SFX, NNT955SF, NNT964SF
  • NNT965SF, NNT975SF, NNT983SF, NNT984SF
  • NNT985SF, NNT990SA, NNT990SAF, NNT990SF, NNT995SF
  • NNST965S
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Item: Panasonic Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 16 1/2 Inches # F06014M00AP
Part No: F06014M00AP

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