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How to Choose the Right Tray

Before you spend hard earned money buying a replacement plate for your microwave, here's a few tips....

1. All microwave trays are definitely NOT alike. They may look similar and almost have the same measurements, but you can't just match up a replacement by sight. Most microwave trays are model specific - meaning that specific models use specific trays. For example - a tray made for a GE model will probably not fit in a Panasonic model even though they look similar. The tray from your Mom's 20 year old Sharp most likely is not going to fit the brand new Sears model you just bought.

2. To determine the correct part you need, you have to start with the brand and model number of the microwave itself.

Model numbers can usually be found on the same label that has the serial number and manufacturing date. This label, or tag, is usually found inside the microwave on the left hand wall or on the back of the unit. It can also sometimes be located around the inside of the door frame, or on the side of the control panel frame next to where the door closes.

Once you have the model number, input it into the search box at the top of the page (Be sure not to include dashes or spaces) and hit the GO button. If we have a match for your model in our database, the results will be displayed.

3. If the site does not produce a result or displays, "There is no product that matches the search criteria". Try again using the first 5 or 6 letters and numbers only.

4. If you still cannot find the part specific to your model, give us a call on the toll free number - we carry many items not available through the website and one of our reps will be glad to assist you in locating the part you need.

The bottom line is to ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE BUYING! Don't buy a tray just because it looks like it might fit. We do provide refunds or exchanges within 30 days, however, we cannot reimburse shipping charges and there is also a restocking fee of 10%.

Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.