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Amana / Maytag Turntable Support / Roller Wheel R0130609


  • Manufactured by: Amana
Replacement roller wheels / turntable support for Amana / Maytag microwave ovens.  

The roller wheel assembly sits underneath the microwave glass tray and is necessary for the turntable plate to turn.

This turntable support replaces Amana / Maytag Part #:

  • R0130609

This roller assembly is used in the following Amana / Maytag microwave oven models...

  • ACO1840AB, ACO1840AB, ACO1840AC
  • ACO1840AW, ACO1860AB, ACO1860AC
  • ACO1860AS,ACO1860AW, AMV4204AAB
  • AMV4204AAQ, AMV4204AAW, AMV5206AAB
  • AMV5206AAQ, AMV5206AAS, AMV5206AAW
  • JMV8196AAB, JMV8196AAQ, JMV8196AAS
  • JMV8196AAW, JMV8196ACB, JMV8196ACQ
  • JMV8196ACS, JMV8196ACW, MMV4184AAB
  • MMV4184AAQ, MMV4184AAW, MMV4205AAB
  • MMV4205AAQ, MMV4205AAS, MMV4205AAW
  • MMV5186AAB, MMV5186AAQ, MMV5186AAS
  • MMV5186AAW, MMV5186ACB, MMV5186ACQ
  • MMV5186ACS, MMV5186ACW
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Item: Amana / Maytag Microwave Oven Roller Wheel / Turntable Support Assembly
Part No: R0130609

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