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12KV Microwave Oven High Voltage Diode # CL04-12A 500ma



Brand new replacement high voltage diode / rectifier as used in microwave ovens.

Marked "CLO4-12A" Perfect replacement for GE # WB27X1160

Manufacturer specs are 12KV, 500mA

Each diode has a ring post ground and a 1/4 inch female terminal.

High power diode replacement for almost any brand or model - commercial or domestic.

***PLEASE NOTE *** These diodes cannot be properly checked with digital meters. We use only analog Simpson meters to check these prior to shipment. 

(Photo is for illustration purposes only. Actual parts may vary slightly in appearance.

Item: 12KV Microwave Oven High Voltage Diode # CL04-12A
Part No: CL04-12A

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