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120V Microwave Oven Turntable Motor 6 RPM GM-16-12F31


  • Manufactured by: Amana

This motor is made to replace Amana and Whirlpool microwave oven turntable motors marked

  • GM-16-12F31, 120V, 6 rpm, 60hz, 2.8 W, & 6549W2S002E

The manufacturer has discontinued the original motor and replaced it with the one shown here. The label and build is slightly different, but specs and mounting are the same.

Plastic 3/8" (length) half moon (D shaped) shaft.

This motor replaces Amana / Maytag part #s :

  • R0131496
  • 53001440

This motor is compatible with the following Amana, Jenn Air & Maytag microwave models ...

  • AMV4204AAB, AMV4204AAQ, AMV4204AAW
  • AMV5206AAB, AMV5206AAQ
  • AMV5206AAS, AMV5206AAW,
  • AMV6177AAB, AMV6177AAQ, AMV6177AAS, AMV6177AAW
  • JMV8208AAB, JVM8208AAQ, JMV8208AAS, JMV8208AAW
  • JMV8208ACB, JVM8208ACS
  • MMV4205AAB, MMV4205AAQ, MMV4205AAS, MMV4205AAW
  • MMV5165AAB, MMV5165AAQ, MMV5165AAS, MMV5165AAW
  • MMV5207AAB, MMV5207AAQ, MMV5207AAS, MMV5207AAW
  • MMV5207ACB, MMV5207ACQ, MMV5207ACS, MMV5207ACW
  • MMV6178AAB, MMV6178AAQ, MMV6178AAS, MMV6178AAW
  • ACO1520AB, ACO1520AC, ACO1520AW
Manufactured by SP Elemech

These motors are brand new factory replacements.

Please contact us prior to purchasing if you're unsure about the compatibility of this motor with your microwave.

Shipping: Normally leaves our warehouse within 1-2 business days.
Item: 120V Microwave Oven Turntable Motor 6 RPM GM-16-12F31
Part No: 53001440

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