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GE / Samsung Microwave Magnetron Tube and Diode Kit WB27X10880

OM75P (10)

  • Manufactured by: GE
This is a brand new factory supplied part and is the SAME EXACT part sold by the manufacturer. We buy from the same supplier in bulk and sell at the wholesale price.

This kit includes both the magnetron and matching diode.
(Diodes fail about 60% of the time along with the magnetron - it's easier to go ahead and replace it while you're in there).

Direct factory replacement for Samsung manufactured OM75S & OM75P(10) magnetrons and matching diode.

GE Magnetron WB27X10880 is used in the following models...

  • JVM1440LK01, JVM1443BK01, JVM1443LK01, JVM1443WK01
  • JVM1870SK03, EVM1750DMCC01, DVM1850MMBG01
  • DVM1850SM2SS, EVM1750DMWW01, DVM1850DM2BB
  • DVM1850SM3SS, EVM1750SMSS01, DVM1850DM3BB
  • EMO4000JBB05, HVM1750DMBB01, HDM1853BJ06
  • DVM1850DMBB01, HDM1853SJ06, DVM1850MM2BG
  • DVM1850SM4SSH, DM1853WJ06, EMO3000HBB05
  • DVM1850DM4BB, DVM1850DM2WW, EMO4000JCC05
  • EMO4000JWW05, DVM1850MM3B, GHVM1750DMWW01
  • EMO3000HCC05, DVM1850DMWW01, DVM1850DM3WW
  • EMO3000HWW05, EVM1750DMBB01, HDM1853GL01
  • EMO4000JSS05, HVM1750SMSS01, DVM1850MM4BG
  • DVM1850SMSS01, EMO3000HSS05, DVM1850DM4WW
  • JNM1731DMCC01, JVM1871SK03, JVM1871SK04
  • JVM1871SK05, JVM1750DMCC01, JVM1850DM4WW
  • JVM1740DMWW01, JVM3670BF07, JVM3670BF08
  • JVM3670BF09

Original production magnetrons in these units historically had an enormously high failure rate. (Just Google 'GE magnetron failure" and see what pops up).

We do not guarantee compatibility with any other type of magnetron except those marked OM75S (10) OR OM75P (10).

This magnetron tube replaces GE part #'s :

  • WB27X10880
90 Day exchange only warranty. No refunds once item has been installed.

Shipping: Normally leaves our warehouse within 1-2 business days or less.

Item: GE / Samsung Microwave Magnetron Tube and Diode Kit WB27x10880
Part No: WB27X10880

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